List of Participants

The list of participants (onsite and remote) to any of the two workshops or to Eric Goles’s birthday can be found on the CIRM website.


Please perform all the registration steps as soon as possible. There are still some rooms at CIRM, but since June 23rd, they are not 100% sure for new participants.

Registration for all participants

If you wish to participate, whether virtually or physically (whether in total or even for a single talk), at any of the three events (AUTOMATA, WAN, Eric Goles’s birthday), please fill in the following registration form:

Then, once your registration is confirmed by an e-mail (human validation, can take some time), specify the nights and meals you want to spend at CIRM (≈100€/24h/person), or the virtual participation (free) here:

Fees for physical participants to Automata

For physical participants to AUTOMATA (and only for them), the registration has intrinsic fees of 200€ (tax included). The cost is reduced to 180€ for IFIP members, students, and participants registering before the early deadline.

In that case, in addition to the registration above, please fill in the form and proceed to the payment at:


Researchers whose institution cannot sponsor the participation may apply to some support, e.g. for AUTOMATA fees.

Please send a CV and a motivation request, with justified approximate cost, to (perform the first two steps above, but not the third one).