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Invited talks

  1. Dynamical properties of disjunctive Boolean networks
    Maximilien Gadouleau
  2. Regular Languages: To Finite Automata and Beyond. Succinct Descriptions and Optimal Simulations
    Luca Prigioniero
  3. Reversible cellular automata in presence of noise rapidly forget everything
    Siamak Taati
  4. Fixed Point Constructions in Tilings and Cellular Automata
    Ilkka Törmä

Regular papers

  1. Asynchronous cellular automata and dynamical algebraic combinatorics
    Laurent David, Colin Defant, Michael Joseph, Matthew Macauley, and Alex McDonough
  2. Rice’s theorem for generic limit sets of cellular automata
    Martin Delacourt
  3. Cellular Automata and Kan Extensions
    Alexandre Fernandez, Luidnel Maignan, and Antoine Spicher
  4. Conjunctive grammars, cellular automata and logic
    Théo Grente and Étienne Grandjean
  5. An effective construction for cut-and-project rhombus tilings with global n-fold rotational symmetry
    Victor H. Lutfalla
  6. Non-deterministic updates of Boolean networks
    Loïc Paulevé and Sylvain Sené
  7. Von Neumann regularity, split epicness and elementary cellular automata
    Ville Salo
  8. State-based opacity of real-time automata
    Kuize Zhang

Exploratory papers